Thursday, September 11, 2008

sick cat, healthy cat, sick cat...

Mickey's last dose of antibiotics was Labor day weekend. Two weeks ago. He definitely was snotty over the holiday, but what are you going to do? Then, during the week, he seemed better to me. M, on the other hand, thought he was still sneezing. 'Particularly at night' which I couldn't argue with, since I'm sleeping then.

So last Monday, I schlepped him off to the vet. Where he appeared as the picture of health. The vet proclaimed 'cats sneeze sometimes' took my money and sent me home. (not that he should have done otherwise). That very evening, he reverted to the worst snuffling and wheezing that week, and we shot him angry looks.

Since then, it's been good and bad. He's definetly not getting worse, but he doesn't appear symptom free 100% of the time.

This wouldn't normally be a concern, except...

We've now officially <strike>been suckered in</strike> signed up to take one of the neighbor's orphan kittens. All of a whopping month and a half old. Doesn't seem like the best thing to be introducing to a possibly contagious snuffly cat.

By the way, name ideas for a grey female kitten? Current contenders are:
(see 'nerd' in the title above. If it were a boy cat, the name would be 'Mr. Bubbles' with no debate whatsoever)

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