Friday, August 29, 2008

Tomato Cat.

Pets eat human food opportunistically. Leave the turkey unattended, or forget to rinse out your cereal bowl, and someone's up on the counter getting the good bits.

Mickey's actually pretty good about it. Yes, if you leave a glass on the floor while watching t.v. he'll stick his head in it every time, and last night he did take a snatch at the roast beef I left on the couch. (hmmm, seems like all our problems stem from eating in front of the t.v. doesn't it?) but he stays clear of the dinner dishes, and doesn't even lick dirty plates we leave around (which is a mixed blessing, because it might help husband and I to clean up more promptly if he did).

Unless it has a tomato on it. Slice a tomato, and leave it on the kitchen table to get the salt, and he will have spirited a chunk away to nosh on before you can say 'what happened to obligate carnivore?'. If there'd have been a chunk of fish on that same plate, he'd have done nothing but sniff the air optimistically, but apparently tomatoes are his weakness.

How did I end up with a wannabe vegan cat?

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