Tuesday, July 10, 2007


For now, this is a compilation of my thoughts on, and the steps involved in acquiring a dog (not, strangely enough, given the title, a puppy). Hopefully, it will become an archive of 'what the heck I was thinking when I got into this mess' and a journal of life with said dog.

Who am I? I'm the female half of a pair of newlywed DINKs. We both work in the computer Industry (hence the 'nerd') and live in suburban central Ohio. We've wanted a dog since we met, and are only now reaching a point where we will (soon) have a house to keep one in.

My experience with dogs is negligible. We had a cocker spaniel when I was a young child (first word: 'ball') but nothing but cats since. M (the husband) has considerably more experience.

Much more to come later.