Tuesday, December 2, 2008

not the brightest kitten in the box

I spent about an hour this weekend trying to discourage Fuu from helping herself to plates on the table. I sat in the doorway and every time she jumped up, out came the squirt gun. When we were done (no, there was not victory - M came home and I gave up) the table was soaked, the floor was soaked. The cat was distinctly damp. But she was undeterred.

Really, for the entire session, she only came off the table long enough to run from the water, lick herself somewhat dry, and trot back.

I'm not going for angelic behavior. Really, it's unreasonable to expect dishes full of tantalizing food will be left untouched forever. But I'm looking for some hesitation. A long enough pause for me to go get a fork from the kitchen without having my dinner ransacked for instance.

But oh, Fuu learns slowly, and is hard to deter.

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