Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kitten defense

We had workers over yesterday to install counter tops. We've had a lot of people over this spring remodeling the kitchen. It's not Kumi's favorite thing, but she's gotten to be ok with it either in her crate, or if M's home out in the yard, or tethered with him in the other room so she can't get in the way.

Today, she was sleeping in the bedroom (with the AC) when they came over, and as we still have a babygate there from the dobermans, M just swung that closed. I think she kept sleeping for a while, and didn't really react since they were out of her line of sight even when she woke up.

Until one of them walked over to that side of the room to pet Fuu. She didn't react when she saw the strange man in the house, but when she saw him approach Fuu, she gave a warning growl, louder when he got closer, and was clearly unhappy about him touching her.

I know this is probably not something I should be happy about, but they are rough circumstances for Kumi with all the strangers in the house, so I give her a little slack to make warning noises towards people she hasn't been introduced to wandering around the living room, and it makes me smile that she considers Fuu worthy of protection.

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