Thursday, August 27, 2009

and then, this morning

She was completely cool with the new commands again. Maybe it was just a morning grumpy thing.

One of the things they required in the class was a pouch or apron to put the treats in. It works pretty well, but I'm beginning to wonder if the dog would associate context that she only has to listen when you're wearing the pouch. Similar I guess to not having food in your hand. It's like a catch-22. How to reward without having a a reward on you.

Also, I cooked the chicken, so that will be ready for next week.

Finally, I'm pretty sure she ate some squash from the compost that I dumped there after it went bad. I guess I'm either hoping it was a raccoon, or going on the premise that it didn't actually look really bad yet - I just knew how long it had been in there. She seems to be suffering no ill effects.

Maybe I should try summer squash as treats...

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