Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry, My contract specifies a maximum of three 'sit's a day

We're starting to get a better handle on where Kumi is coming from training-wise. I think a good bit of it is she gets bored *very* quickly. One sit is good, a second she won't complain about, but more than that and you're *really* pushing it...the game is just not that interesting, treats or no. However, if you switch up to a different behavior (we're working on letting us handle her paws, and on heeling) she'll cooperate again. So she makes no progress, or even backward progress within the session, but will be better at it the next day.

The walking is already *much* better. On the first walk, she was at the end of the line and pulling, and wouldn't do otherwise for all the stopping, treats, or other bribery in the world. Three days later, I've got her at something close to a heel, though I still have the leash short. Strangely, she seems like she might do this better for me than for M, even though she sees him as the more important person in general. It's still a struggle to get her to take treats when walking, even when she's right there, doing well, you put one right next to her nose and she couldn't care less. It's strange.

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